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Quick Oil Change

Only $24.95!

    Changing your oil according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation is perhaps the single most important maintenance that you can perform to keep your vehicle running. As the parts in your engine work together, they create tremendous heat through friction. Without oil, the heat would actually melt these parts together. By having oil in your vehicle, it keeps the moving parts of your engine lubricated and reduces the heat. Motor oil also contains special additives to help the engine work more efficiently.

    Through normal driving, the constant heat in the engine begins to break down the oil. Over time, small bits of debris and dirt can get into the oil making it less slippery so that it doesn't protect the engine as well.

    To make sure your engine is protected at all times, your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the oil and oil filter regularly. This will keep your engine working its best and may avoid costly repairs down the road.

    $24.95 OIL CHANGE

    A superior product and service at a very competitive price which incorporates advanced anti-wear, lubrication and other additives to make it a superior lubricating product:

    • Install new filter
    • Install up to 5 quarts of Shell semi synthetic motor oil
    • Lubricate chassis
    • Complete safety inspection

      $24.95 plus state tax. No disposal fee or extra charges.